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PAST. PRESENT. FUTURE. Become a God with this fully custom, limited edition collaboration with @bryanlieart a.k.a. GOD COMPLEX.

Based on the iconic SARUTAHIKO character. 



First thing that comes up on Google if we type “God Complex”:  “A god complex is an unshakable belief characterised by consistently inflated feelings of personal ability, privilege, or infallibility.” Can you explain what GOD COMPLEX means to you? How would you describe your universe in a few words?

I see these creation myths and the Gods attached to them as our evolution of self reflection. They are proof of our sentience and our ability to imagine beyond the limitations of our physical and mental understanding.

That's why I'm passionate to constantly learn about them and contribute in my own understanding, because I see the gods as not just an extension of humanity but of reflection of humanity itself especially in the modern world that we are living in.

What was the beginning of God Design?

I started God Complex back in 2011 and the first design coming from it is Hermes. Just like Virgil to my Dante, Hermes being someone who can traverse between realms seemed like a suitable guide for me to start this journey with.

Each God that I studied and designed came from a personal interpretation and empathy. How I see them as an aspect of me or the people I observed and familiar with.

How long does it take to design a God?

It really depends on my familiarity with the subject matter and how connected I am to the character. The more I can connect and relate to the character's original mythos and philosophy... The quicker.

Could you tell us more about your inspirations?

God Complex is the way I process and repackage every aspect of my obsessions (mythos, anime, mecha, and future fashion) in the way that makes sense to me and hopefully to many others.

Was this always a dream? What drives you most in your work?

At first, the drive came from my own frustrations and anger towards certain societal issues. How we are able to be enslaved by lies and propaganda, whether they are in the form of money, religion, career.

I figured power and control has always been the issue and to understand it, we need to walk the path of the gods of the past, and extract some perspective from it. Giving names and personalities to an abstract concept has always been our way to assert control to the uncontrollable. That journey gave me a semblance of peace... and that's been my drive.

 Outside of GOD COMPLEX, what other projects are you working on right now?

Mostly I'm back focusing on the God Complex project but I've also been spending my time with collabs with some projects that I can't disclose yet. I got involved as an artist with a web3 project called 0N1 Force in 2021 been helping them since. I also created a personal project called Moon Protocol back in 2021 that I'm getting back to. I just finished a collaboration with Samsung and about to have an artwork reveal that I did for Chicago Bulls which is exciting.

You seem to be pretty active in the NFT world, can you tell us a bit more about that?

I'm a big believer in crypto/blockchain technology and NFT is just one use case for it. It's a useful and powerful tool for creatives and artists.

There is a lot of misinformation about the tool due to lacking of understanding in the technology that leads to it getting a bad rep, However those bad reps comes from human error/nature and not the fault of the technology itself.

I'm quite certain cryptocurrency and blockchain tech are going to be as normal as the internet within the next decades.

Could you tell us about the collaboration with our brand?

Making real fashion items based on my aesthetic philosophies and character designs has always been the dream. I'm very grateful for this collaboration for getting me closer to that dream.


Check out our “God Complex” capsule which comprises of a Jacket and a Face Mask based on the iconic SARUTAHIKO character.

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