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Dear community,

A new, invisible enemy has appeared. It has hit us all on the head, and the blow is severe. We're confused, dizzy. We're navigating uncharted territory, constantly wondering what our next move will be, shifting from depression to hope. 

We have been preparing the launch of our brand for months, pouring our love for digital words and fashion into our cauldron. Two collaborations came out of it: Dark Souls and Borderlands. We're incredibly proud of those, and have many more in the works.  

When Covid-19 first hit, we weren't sure what to do next. Should we keep selling clothes and accessories in the context of such a global crisis? Wouldn't that feel irrelevant? Wrong even?

These are rough times, that nobody expected. We're at war. No doubt about that.   

But we decided to keep going. Because we believe that we should keep dreaming. That we should keep sharing what we love with you. It wouldn't feel right to give it all up. We have decided to resist, to bet on the future, to fight this sh**. To keep on working, from our bedrooms, our kitchens, our living rooms.

Let's stay home and do our civic duty, but let's take that time to be as creative as we can be. Let's embrace this unique opportunity to stop running and to start thinking again. Read, watch, learn, create. We're alive, and we're going to beat this. 

Our next collections are on their way. Hope you'll love them as we already do. We can't wait for the future.    

Please be safe/ stay home/ stay fit/ stay gaming/ stay strong.

From now to 

With love,

Dimitri/Fanny/Felix/Darya from the ark/8 Team

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