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ARK/8 Launches New SEKIRO Capsule Collection

High-end line designed in collaboration with game developer FROM SOFTWARE

European fashion brand ARK/8, specialists in high-end clothing, accessories and jewellery inspired by cyber-culture and the world of video games, is proud to launch its next capsule collection : SEKIRO. 

Designed in partnership with acclaimed game developer FROM SOFTWARE to honour one of their legendary games, SEKIRO. This collection combines Japanese mythology and traditional clothing with modern street/tech wear. 

ARK/8 X SEKIRO : A collection based on Japanese traditional looks and modern street/tech wear. 

Drawing from the world of SHINOBI, SAMURAI, and feudal Japan, the ARK/8 x SEKIRO collaboration dives deep in Japanese mythology and traditional clothing and mixes it with modern street/tech wear. 

The collection is composed of a clothing range entirely manufactured in Portugal (a bomber jacket, a sweater, a t-shirt and a pair of trousers) for which ARK/8 decided to use this super soft and heavy organic cotton.The collection also offers a range of accessories, counting the mythic “Tabi” style socks, also made only with organic fabrics. With this collaboration, it is the first time ARK/8 is proud of having made a collection that is entirely sustainable, from garment to its packaging. 

The use of these natural high-end organic fabrics blended with modern shapes strikes the right balance between new and old, tradition and modernity that ARK/8 was looking for with this collection. 

SHINOBI TECH PANTS - When elegance meets the Shinobi way of life. The ARK/8 x SEKIRO track pants are made with the highest quality soft fabrics and a unique belt structure inspired by Japanese Martial Arts. Embroidered "Shinobi Execution" Kanji on the belt. Adjustable fit. 

KUSABIMARU PATTERN SWEATER - The legendary blade intertwined with fall leaves give this organic cotton sweater a standout look.  Asymmetrical front pocket and hidden side pockets for added function.

POCKET KIMONO T-SHIRT - The classic t-shirt with "kimono" style sleeves, embroidered ARK/8 sigil on the front, and SEKIRO Kanji on the back.The front asymmetrical pocket is sturdy and made for convenience. 

BOMBER JACKET  - A matte, smooth fabric gives this SEKIRO Bomber Jacket a truly distinctive look and feel. Elegance meets function with a special, spacious sleeve pocket and quilted lining. Featuring the iconic "Loaded Umbrella" custom art as a large back embroidery, and the SEKIRO Kanji logo embroidered on the front. 

ARK/8 X SEKIRO : 3D visual campaign with the artist VACADES 

For this collection, ARK/8  wanted to create a visually striking campaign that underlines the amazing universe of the game and the uniqueness of the collection. 

Working in 3D graphics in collaboration with the artist @vacades (Timo Helgert therefore appeared as the best way to communicate and recreate the incredible SEKIRO atmosphere while setting in motion each piece of the collection to come. 


Find the collection here

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