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club ark/8
Club ARK/8 - Amaliah Remix

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It's pretty bassy. Pretty dark. Which is kind of typical of my sound.


London-based Producer/DJ Amaliah - part of ARK/8’s ‘Mavericks’ collective of emerging artists across the globe - has given our debut brand track a reimagining in her unique style.

Taking the dramatic and emotional collaboration between Cherif Hashizume and Ilã Kamalagharan, Amaliah's remix infuses her distinct and edgy sound to create a dance floor-friendly anthem.

Amahlia in London

Amaliah brings a hypnotic, UK dancefloor energy to the track.

Amahlia in the studio

[The original] is very dramatic, very emotional, more on the theatrical side of electronic music... [and] I thought to completely flip that on its head.