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Enter the ARK/8 world of elevated, timeless pieces where entertainment and high fashion collide.

After Dark - Antihero
After Dark

ARK/8’s inaugural collection ‘After Dark’ begins with the journey of the AntiHero - an outcast within their own existence living a life less ordinary....

Male Model Overwatch 2
OW2 Bodysuit Female Model

Explore ARK/8's 'From Busan to Hanamura' Collection inspired by Overwatch 2 with a fusion of South Korean and Japanese Styles. This range expertly ble...

HELL-A Jumper on Female Model
Varsity Jacket from HELL-A Collection on Female Model

Discover the ARK/8 Hell-A Collection Inspired by Dead Island 2. This collection features urban, bold designs infused with classic American college fas...


Explore ARK/8's KOYORIN x OVERWATCH 2 Collection with a vibrant range of oversized heavyweight pullover hoodies adorned with the dynamic anime-inspire...

Jasmine Asia models The Lands Between Bomber Jacket
Jasmine Asia models Faux Fur Coat

Explore ARK/8's 'The Lands Between' collection, inspired by ELDEN RING. Dive into clothing that captures the mystique and beauty of the iconic game's ...