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Hello, worlds

I write these few words to you as we are on the verge of launching a brand new version of ARK/8. A version that will hopefully be a big leap towards our team’s dream to fuse high fashion and entertainment seamlessly. I’m extremely proud of what we are about to unveil, as it is a lot closer to what I had always envisioned when I embarked on this journey more than 15 years ago.

Through our fashion lens, we strive for the highest standards in fabrics, manufacturing and design. We strongly believe that durability of fabrication and design are the best natural defences to over consumption and waste. We also reuse and recycle wherever we can. Our design philosophy is to blend the old with the new, the timeless with the hype, and ultimately build pieces that you will cherish for a very long time.

But the truth is, ARK/8 isn’t just about fashion. It’s about celebrating the beautiful art of gaming, anime, and pop culture with the treatment quality and visibility that they deserve. Ever since I touched my first NES controller, finished my first Zelda game, or got destroyed by kids a lot older than me on Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat at the arcades I used to roam as a teenager, I knew there was something special about our shared passion. It wasn’t just that it was fun, it was a whole new world. It went beyond what I had experienced before in movies and TV. I became the actor, and it led to an infinite amount of scenarios. Different every time when you start a new game. Different also for each and everyone of us. You can be anyone, and be anywhere. Video games have inspired me since I was a child, and they continue to influence me every single day.

Today, over 3 billion people play games. That’s a lot of humans. “Gamers” are just about as diverse as the world’s population itself. Pretty far from the old stereotype of the junk food/energy drink guzzling weirdo. Our mission is to shine the light on that. Show the world that hundreds of gaming creations are beautiful, meticulous, intelligent works of art made by incredibly talented people.

We want to create a space where you will not only be able to find a curated selection of items based on your passions, you will also be invited to discover who’s behind them and what their thought process and inspirations are. We want to celebrate gaming’s cult classics, and legendary creators. We want to create a multi-layer platform.

More than anything, we want to connect. All my life, I’ve been wanting to meet more interesting people sharing my passion. Exchange our experiences and get excited together. ARK/8 isn’t just a fashion brand, it’s a rallying cry. We love video games and we are proud of it. Because so much in gaming is incredible in so many ways.

Together with the rest of our team, I’m incredibly excited to start this new chapter.

A warm welcome to our worlds.

Dimitri van Eetvelde
Creative Director & Founder

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Dimitri van Eetvelde